Kivach waterfall

Tour to Waterfall Kivach

Kivach is the second plain waterfall in Europe, situated in the one of the oldest nature reserves in Russia with unique eco system. You will get acquainted with typical Karelian flora and fauna, enjoy picturesque landscapes and crystal clear air.

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Kivach Waterfalls Karelia

Waterfall Kivach + Church of Apostle Peter

This tour includes two unique sights in Karelia, which can be visited all year around. Kivach Waterfall and the Chuch of Apostle Peter will acquaint you with traditional wooden arhitecture and local nature, which always coexisted in harmony.

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Fabulous day in Karelia


All the most visited sights not far from Petrozavodsk in one day. Perfect solution for those, who arrive in Petrozavodsk early in the morning and depart in the evening on the same day.

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30-km Dog Sledding Tour to Waterfall Kivach

This is the only dog sledding eco tour in Russia on the territory of the nature reserve. Experience winter in Karelia in its most pristine beauty and try yourself as a musher.

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Karelian Express

This tour acquaints with the most beautiful places of Karelia using the most entertaining transport. You will take the only daily steam-powered passenger train in Russia to visit Ruskeala Mountain Park and travel by jeep to the second highest plain waterfall in Europe.

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Kivach waterfall in spring

Spring in Karelia

Spring is the best time to enjoy the thrill of quad trips and to observe local Karelian nature waking from a long winter dream. First leaves appear on trees, rivers flow faster, and the famous Kivach Waterfall is the most affluent and picturesque during this time.

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Majestic Karelia

Majestic Karelia

You will get acquainted with Karelian architecture and traditions. You will visit ancient wooden church of St.Peter and Karelian village Kinerma, enjoy the scenic view over Kivach Waterfall and make an original souvenir.

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Silver ring of Karelia

Silver Ring of Karelia — Kizhi,Valaam,Solovki

All major sights of Karelia in one tour. You will visit Kizhi and Valaam Islands, Kivach Waterfall and Solovetsky Monastery, see the true beauty of the Russian North, try monastic food and national Karelian cuisine.

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Holidays in Karelia

Multi-Activity Holidays in Karelia

This 3-day tour offers a great opportunity to enjoy the pristine Karelian nature, incredible wooden architecture, and the best of Karelian active routes. Quad ride, husky trekking, jeeping, and Kizhi Island in one tour.

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Husky sledding in Karelia

Winter Karelian Trail

This tour offers you a chance to see and experience Karelian nature, geology and history while enjoying the excitement of a jeep ride and dog sledding.

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Summer Kizhi

Jeep Safari to Kizhi Island

This 3-day jeep tour gives a unique opportunity to explore the Zaonezhye area of Karelia, which is well-known for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking nature.

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