Jeep Adventure to Karelian Waterfalls and Ruskeala Park

Jeep Adventure in Karelia
Price: upon request
From: 2022-04 to: 2022-12
Sight: Ruskeala Mountain Park and Ruskeala waterfalls.
Categories of Tours: Active Tours and Day Tours.



Experience the wild natural beauty of the southern Karelia with this 1-day jeep adventure tour. To reach wilderness areas of rare beauty, your own expert instructor will drive you in a specially modified jeep through impassible Karelian forest roads. Along with the famous Ruskeala Mountain Park, you will also visit the highest canyon waterfall in Karelia, which is possible to reach only by jeep or quad.


  • highest canyon waterfall of Karelia
  • picturesque Ruskeala Waterfalls
  • Ruskeala Mountain Park
  • ruins of the Tolmozero iron factory
  • pristine nature
  • off-road experience

Price includes:

  • jeep rent + fuel
  • picnic lunch
  • instructor and guide services
  • entrance tickets
  • excursion



08:00 Meeting with the guide and instructors in Petrozavodsk. Each jeep will take 2 persons. Transfer to southern Karelia using highway (180 km).

12:00 Visit of the highest canyon waterfall of Karelia (19 metres). The road to the waterfall is only passible with off-road vehicles.

14:00 Visit of the Ruskeala Waterfalls and Ruskeala Mountain Park. The gem of the park is a marble canyon, which is both a natural and an industrial sight. Ruskeala marble was mined for decorations of the St.Petersburg palaces and cathedrals. Today massive walls of grey and white color and emerald waters of the flooded centre of the canyon make it one the most visited sights in Karelia. Ruskeala Waterfalls are located not far from the Ruskeala Montain Park. Though the waterfalls are comparatively small and the highest is not more than 4 m high, the landscape is so picturesque that it has been used several times in Russian movies. Picnic Lunch. Driving back to Petrozavodsk using highway.

18:00 We stop in the area of Tulmozero iron factory. Errected in 1762 the factory used to produce up to 160 tons of steel and iron per year. Today ruined factory workshops resemble a medieval castle, built of massive stones and bricks.

21:00 Arrival in Petrozavodsk.

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