Karelian Crafts

Elama cultural centre
Price: upon request
From: 2022-01 to: 2023-01
Sight: Elämä cultural centre.
Categories of Tours: Day Tours.



This 1-day tour will acquaint you with Karelian treasures — traditions, people, and crafts. We will visit the centre of Karelian culture located 50 km from Petrozavodsk and called Elämä. In Karelian language this word means life. The cultural centre does not only preserve the everyday life of Karelian people, but revives and develops local crafts. Today you can try one of the crafts and make an unusual Karelian souvenir.


  • Karelian traditions
  • Typical musical instruments
  • Unusual souvenir, which you will create yourself
  • tea with herbs and pies

Price includes:

  • transfer by car/minibus
  • entrance ticket and excursion in the cultural centre
  • tea
  • guide services



13:00 Meeting with the guide. Departure for Pryazha (50 km from petrozavodsk).

14:00 Upon arrival excursion in the cultural centre Elämä. You will get acquainted with local traditions, crafts and symbols, which people in Karelia used to wish love, well-being and to get luck and good health. Using these symbols you will create your own pattern and decorate a blank shopping bag with the print, which you have designed. This bag will be a nice unusual souvenir from Karelia. While the pattern gets dry, you will listen to the local musical instruments and try to play some of them yourself. Before leaving for Petrozavodsk you will taste tea with herbs and Karelian pies.

17:30 Arrival in Petrozavodsk.

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