Kizhi by Hovercraft from Petrozavodsk

Kizhi in winter
Price: upon request
From: 2024-02 to: 2024-04
Sight: kizhi.
Categories of Tours: Day Tours.
Season : winter spring

no Hotels



10:00 Departure by hovercraft to Kizhi Island (about 1h 20 min).

11:30 Upon arrival you will get acquainted with the central exhibition of the Kizhi State Open-Air Museum with the world-known wooden Kizhi churches. Even if you have already seen Kizhi in summer, a completely new world will open in front of you in winter time: crispy colors, peace, tranquility of winter landscapes and dark silhouettes of the churches create the scenery of rare beauty. If you are lucky to witness the play of light of the setting sun over the silverish domes of the church of the Transfiguration, that will be the moment you will hardly ever forget.

13:30 Departure for Petrozavodsk. Picnic lunch with Karelian pies and smoked Karelian vendance fish. You will also enjoy baking sausages over a campfire and drinking tea made of Karelian herbs.

15:30 Arrival in Petrozavodsk. Transfer to the railway station / hotel.

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