Petrozavodsk city tour
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From: 2024-01 to: 2025-01
Sight: Petrozavodsk.
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Founded in 1703 on the bank of Lake Onego Petrozavodsk played an important role in defending the borders of the Russian Empire.  In 1777 Petrozavodsk was granted the city status and soon became the capital of the area. The city was called Petrozavodsk, which can be literary  translated as the factory founded by Peter the Great. That factory was one of most equipped on the territory of the Russian Empire and was famous for its cannons and iron casting.

During the excursion you will see the first stone buildings of Petrozavodsk, which form the architectural ensemble on Lenin Square, and the wooden house of the head of the factory, the historical buildings of the boys' and girls' schools  erected on Kirov Square. These are the few buildings of the 18th century which survived after WWII. The major part of the today's city centre was erected soon after the war in a unified archirectural style which is known as Socialist Classicism.

Of great interest is the Onego Lake embankment which offers picturesque views the whole year around and houses an open air museum of modern sculpture. While walking from one piece of art to another you will enjoy listening to the waters of  Lake Onego and feeling its fresh breeze in summer time and the endless white of the frozen lake in winter. The last but not the least important monument on the embankment is devoted to the founder of Petrozavodsk.

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