Winter Karelian Trail

Husky sledding in Karelia
Price: upon request
From: 2024-01 to: 2024-03
Season : winter spring

Severnaya Hotel


08:55 Arrival in Petrozavodsk by train from Moscow. Meeting with the guide.

09:30 Meeting with the jeep instructors. Each jeep will take 2-3 persons. Transfer to the Kivach Nature Reserve.

11:30 Excursion in the Kivach Nature Reserve. You will get acquainted with the second highest plain waterfall in Europe and typical and rare Karelian plants. The eco system of the Kivach Nature Reserve is unique. Apart from the picturesque landscapes you will enjoy its crystal clear air.

13:00 Picnic on the way and then transfer to Girvas. After a short briefing you will try yourself in the off-road ride. In the past there was an ancient volcano in this area. Till today you can see traces of lava on the rocks. Girvas is a popular area in Karelia for off-road jeep competition.

16:00 Our next stop is in the first Russian spa, founded by Peter the Great in the 18th century. Till today its waters rich with iron heal from various diseases. You will taste this water from each spring. Visit of the ancient Church of Apostle Peter. Built in 1721 at the decree of Peter the Great, according to his design and drawings.

On our way back to Petrozavodsk we will make a final stop near Sampo Mountain. This is a hill from which you get a splendid panorama of Karelian taiga. 19:00 Arrival in Petrozavodsk. Accommodation at Severnaya Hotel. Free time.


09:30 Meeting with the guide. City tour of Petrozavodsk.

12:00 Arrival in the centre of Karelian culture, called Elämä. You will get acquainted with local traditions, crafts and symbols, which people in Karelia used to wish love, well-being and to get luck and good health. Using these symbols you will create your own pattern and decorate a blank shopping bag with the print, which you have designed. This bag will be a nice unusual souvenir from Karelia. While the pattern gets dry, you will lunch and taste tea with herbs and Karelian pies.

15:00 Arrival at the husky farm. Meeting with the musher, who will acquaint you with the farm. Afterwards you will learn how to harness huskies and how to operate a dog sled. After the sledges are ready and the dogs are harnessed, you will enjoy a 3 km ride in the fabulous Karelian pine forest. Do not forget to hug your huskies after the trip! Afterwards you will have lunch and a cup of hot tea in the traditional hut covered with reindeer skins.

18:30 Arrival in Petrozavodsk.

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