Happy World Tourism Day 2020!

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Today the whole travel society is celebrating World Tourism Day!

We say thank you to every traveler, who visited Karelia this year and who let us show our wildlife, stunning wooden architecture, picturesque landscapes, and hospitable people.

We thank our business parters, who helped us to promote Karelia all over the world.

We thank our hotels, museums, restaurants, and all sights, which are included in out tours, for their attitude and hospitality that they showed to our guests.

And we certainly thank our guides for their amazing excursions.

Though this year brought a big crisis and uncertainty for travel industry all over the world, we believe there is still a lot we can celebrate. Even coronavirus pandemic and closed borders could not erase the desire to travel. Dream now, travel later is not just a catchy phrase. A lot of travelers used this time to dream and explore virtually some areas, they had never thought about before. When the borders are open, all these dreams will be fullfilled. Many started exploring their own cities, regions, and countries. They all found out how beautiful their own places really are and helped local tourism to survive. And travel companies all over the world used this time to make tours even better as they were before.

Happy World Tourism Day!

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