Karelian Winter Break

Winter Kizhi
Price: upon request
From: 2024-02 to: 2024-03
Sight: kizhi.
Categories of Tours: Active Tours and Package Tours to Karelia.
Season : winter spring

no Hotels


07:50 Arrival by train from Moscow. Meeting with the guide. Breakfast in the restaurant.

Transfer to the Onego Lake Embankment. 10:00 Departure for Kizhi Island by hovercraft from the Onego Lake embankment in Petrozavodsk.

11:30 Arrival on Kizhi island. Excursion in the Kizhi Museum of wooden architecture and cultural history. You will get acquainted with the famous Kizhi churches, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and visit one of the houses of the Kizhi museum village.

After the excursion your guide will take you to the other side of Kizhi Island to visit Yamka Village and to tell you about local tea traditions. Here you will taste traditional tea made of herbs with national pies. Departure by hovervraft for Petrozavodsk.

16:00 Arrival in Petrozavodsk. Transfer to Karjala Park Eco Complex (35 km from Petrozavodsk).

16:40 Upon arrival the chef will invite you for a cooking class. You will learn how to grill a trout on a log. This is a quite simple but at the same time very interesting dish. While the trout is being prepared, we will enjoy hot soup and taste Karelian alcohol beverages. When the trout is ready we will taste what we have cooked and drink a cup of hot tea with a traditional rye pie afterwards.

Accommodation at Karjala Park. Dinner.

Breakfast. Check-out. 10:30 Meeting with the guide and with the musher. Short briefing and safety measures. Excursion in the husky farm, during which you will get acquainted with huskies, learn some interesting facts about the breed and their character. Afterwards the dog sledding adventure will start (accommodation 1 person per sledge as a passenger). The dog sledding route goes along the picturesque shore of the Shuya River in the pine forest (total distance 1 km).

12:00 Return to the husky farm for hot tea with pies. 12:30 After some rest your instructor will give a briefing on snowmobiling and after a short course of practice you will continue your adventure on riding a snowmobile (accommodation 2 persons per snowmobile). You will cover the distance of 20 km and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Karelian forest covered with a soft snow blanket and the adrenaline of snowmobiling.

15:00 Arrival at the husky farm. Hot lunch in the traditional tent covered with reindeer skins.

16:00 Transfer to Petrozavodsk.

16:40 Arrival at the Petrozavodsk railway station.

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